Go green - Get the glow

Go green - Get the glow

What you put in your body is reflected in the brightness of your eyes and the glow of your skin.

Our body can become congested with rich fatty or starchy foods and a lack of exercise and sunlight during the winter months which can put a burden on our whole system and especially our skin.

Congestion usually shows itself as redness and puffiness of the face and rashes or itching can be present on other areas of the body. The whites of the eyes tend to be more yellow and there is a general dullness to the skin.

Green leaves and vegetables are an effective way to strip fat from the system and increase our metabolism to allow the blood to start flowing more effectively and with it start excreting some of those toxins and dead cells that have been building up in the system and invite the regeneration and production of new cells.

Picking greens from the hedgerows is a great place to start when the young shoots of wild garlic, cleavers, nettles and primroses start to appear but if identifying these plants isn’t easy for you then a green juice made at home will have a similar effect.

Vegetables you need for your green juice store cupboard are:


Spinach or kale





Fresh ginger


We invite you to try this recipe at home everyday for a month and see the difference it makes to your skin and energy levels this spring.

2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves or kale

Handful parsley leaves and stems

1 medium green apple

1 large cucumber

2cm length piece fresh ginger, scrubbed clean

1 medium lemon

Wash and add all the ingredients to your juicer and juice!

Play around with your own combinations of these ingredients too!


x B & M