Calendula Oil - Make your own healing moisturiser

Calendula Oil - Make your own healing moisturiser

Calendula or Marigold as we are more familiar with is my queen of healing herbs.

Luckily it grows in your garden like a weed once it gets going and is not only something you can use as a food or within skincare ( NB  its petals are great sprinkled on salads) , its presence benefits the garden, attracting bees and keeping unwanted pests off your vegetables!

Skincare products can be expensive and often contain ingredients you don't want near your skin!

Making your own Calendula oil is so easy and fun to do.

Calendula is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and will soothe and bring relief to any rash, sore or cut. It is also good as a general moisturising oil reducing redness and puffiness. It can be kept on a shelf for a long time just so long as the flowers you use are completely dry and there is no moisture in your oil.

So lets get started:

You will need:

1 x old jam jar that has been washed and sterilised.

(Sterilising- You can do this by placing it into a hot oven post washing for 10 minutes)

1 handful of dried marigold flowers or petals. You can buy these online or grow and dry your own. Drying can be done by placing the flowers in a muslin bag on top of a radiator or placing in a dehydrator.

250ml of oil of your choice (cold pressed sunflower oil, borage oil, jojoba oil). You can use a high quality olive oil but it will be  more greasy.


Place your dried flowers into the jam jar

Cover to the top with oil.

Place lid on and label with name of oil and date it was made.

Leave on a window sill for 2 weeks so the sun can energise it and for the following 4 weeks place on a shelf out of the sun. I like to make mine on a waxing moon for increased potency.

After 6 weeks it is ready to use and you can drain out the flowers and decant into a smaller dropper bottle for easy use. 

Optional: Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil which is very healing for the skin and calms the mind.

Use on face or body.

Enjoy your new oil! x BM