A second on the lips....

A second on the lips....

Lipstick can look great.

Lipstick can make you feel great in the short term

but is it harming us in the long term?

That is the question on our lips…


Most lipsticks are made from petrochemicals, these are chemicals derived from the oil industry, which mimic hormones in our body and play havoc with our health.

In addition companies use formaldehyde as a preservative, which is, a well known carcinogen often used to make building products. Many people experience skin irritation and respiratory conditions as a result of it on their skin.

For the icing on the cake lipsticks also contain heavy metals like cadmium, mercury and lead put in as additives. These block pores and have been linked to cancers and Alzheimer’s.

 Being on our lips we end up ingesting this cocktail of evils and researchers have found that the average lipstick or lip gloss use resulted in women exceeding daily intake guidelines for aluminium, cadmium, chromium and manganese as they build up slowly in the body.

Not only are these ingredients harmful for our body they are also harmful for the environment so it is important to look for sustainable alternatives.

So when you are thinking of applying the red rouge, what is the alternative?

Try this easy recipe using 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.


This recipe makes one lipstick:

 1 teaspoon grated beeswax

1 teaspoon Cocoa Butter

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1/8 teaspoon of beetroot powder

If you want a scented lipstick you can add a drop of rose or geranium essential oil


  1. Melt the beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil in a glass jar placed in a small pot of simmering (not boiling) water.
  2. Add the essential oil and beetroot powder. Mix well and add to your lip salve container or pot.
Leave to cool for 30 minutes before using.